Saturday, June 12, 2010

Not so Well

Well, I guess my blog is not going as planned.I am not a computer person, so I can not figure out how to to put Blinkey's on my page, or anything else. I only have 2 best friends, Gwynn lives in Ohio, but will soon be moving to HI, and Adele lives in WI, so I don't see her, just chat every once in awhile. I stay mostly to myself, but not by choice, I scrapbook and take the classes at my local craft store, but no other stuff. I shop by myself and am by myself(except for family) most of the time. Sad isn't it? Oh we,, I wanted to meet new people and make friends, but so far no one has visited me,I am thinking of shutting my blog down.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I hope you are having a Wonderful Day! It is the 2nd of June! I turned 50, yes 50 on May 31st. I have been working on graduation cards for all of my daughters friends. I got all 4 of the NEW Cricut cartridges in the mail and can not wait to use them. I also ordered about 4 others, I also want to purchase the Toy Story, and one other cartridge, and am in search of the Tags, Bags, Boxes and ore Cartridge. Then I am going to slow down on purchasing so many. Have a fabulous day!